Words By I.J.V.

In the face of the ‘worst winter’ on record for the Sierra, it is mind blowing to think of how incredible the last month in shredsville has proven to be. The amount of commitment and love that has been brought forward to make events such as the Tom Sims Retro Worlds, The Rally for Rocker Banked Slalom and most recently the Gremlin Games show that our culture and community is well united to celebrate and create.

The Gremlin Games are loosely modeled after the OG Grenade Games in the sense that the event takes place on 4/20, hoards of people congregate to celebrate the Ganja holiday and have a blast on the snow. This years installment was testimony to love and dedication to this lifestyle that we are blessed to lead.

After dealing with “the man” at Rally for Rocker up at Donner Summit, the minds behind The Gremlin Games did what any fun seeking soul would do and moved it Mt. Rose, to a well hidden and isolated cranny of the vast terrain that is available in the Nevada side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Just a short hike up from the top parking lot of Mt. Rose Highway.


On the 20th day of the fourth month 2015, a few hundred people hiked up to a mini hand built snow park to shred, smoke, and smoke some more. The GBP crew came together to create a really sweet conglomeration of rails, gaps, log jibs and parking barriers to test all those that were willing. The only competitive part of the games was a highest ollie contest, which was really a do or your cut sort of thing.

The event was freedom, no fee, no pressure, no hassle from the Forest Service. Papers from RAW were well utilized and free for the taking it was a party that would make Colorado and Washington blush. The games aren’t about anything but fun and expression. Safe to say there will never be a ‘energy’ drink sponsor, this event is for and by the people.


Miggs on the Mic




Kid Kai killing it

While it wasn’t a ‘contest’ per se, there was some pretty kick ass shredding going down.All the usual suspects were blasting sliding, and planting their way over the creatively crafted course. RobRob was airing over Mike Burton, bunches of people were bustin out all varieties of hand plants on a mini tranny, that Dakota decided to huck all 6ft 4ish inches over. Even little tiny grom shred took to the corrugated down flat slider with easy steeze.

Dj Dylan was jamming tunes and everybody, pretty much everybody was getting their share of the bountiful ganja.

Tahoe has an incredible scene and these DIY events that bring all kinds of awesomeness together really bring a strong sense of pride. Motivated only by the love of shredding, the GBP crew came together and made yet another amazing gathering occur. Big thanks to the Gremlinz for putting on a great event.

Photos By: IJV, Rob Rob Robare, Sawyer Mahoney

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