With the mountains around us dripping with an early season rain storm, the only way to get our minds off the dreary weather was to embrace the darkness, load up the truck head down to South Lake Tahoe to bang our heads with the likes of Valdur, Otis, The Hookers, Huntress and the headliners, 3 Inches Of Blood!


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It’s often too easy to build a big fire, grab a beer, turn on the TV and sink into the couch on a rainy weekday night, but with an amazing band like 3 Inches Of Blood rolling through town, we knew we had to get motivated and check it out. 

The boy’s having a smoke

Smoke em if ya got em.

Whiskey Dicks, the venue, is a perfect spot for any show. The small stage and long bar make it ideal for drinking a few beers and seeing live music up close and loud! First up for the night was Valdur who brought their own brand of high altitude death metal from just down south in Mammoth Lakes. The first band is usually the beckoning call to get people in from outside and the bar to move toward the stage and Valdur did just that.

Was good to see these toothless twins at the show. A-Ped and Dan-Gar can thrash with the best of em.

Next up was Otis hailing from nearby Reno, Nevada. Otis came out swinging with some powerful thrash that proved to everyone that Reno was a force to be reckoned with. As they charged through their set, people began to filter in, excited to rock out on a Monday night.

Otis post thrashing the shit out of Whiskey Dicks.

After a quick trip to the bar it was time for The Hookers to take the stage. Based in Kentucky, the hookers were a long way from home, but took to the stage like they owned it and got the crowd pumped and moving. A pit started to form as The Hookers thundered through some solid metal and shredded their way through some amazing guitar work. Lead singer, known simply as the The Rock n’ Roll Outlaw, belted out solid vocals and kept the crowd on their toes talking shit and cracking jokes in between songs. Awesome band that put on an awesome live show, but what else would you expect? They’re the motherfucking Hookers!

The Hookers booze drenched set sent everyone to the bar for more whiskey and PBR, it is a metal show after all, and the libations were flowing like water. Well, at least the ones that weren’t spit up into the air or rained into the pit. While the next band, Huntress was setting up, everyone nudged their way up to the bar, eager to get another round before the rocking resumed.

Then it happened. A voice that could have drunkenly been mistaken for King Diamond began the wail over noise of the now packed bar. Intrigued, I grabbed my drink and walked over to get a view of the voice behind the possessed screams. To my surprise, and seemingly to that of everyone else around, the noise came from that of Huntress’s front-woman, a petite blonde with an over-sized aftermarket rack. Not knowing what to think about heavy metal barbie, I moved in closer, both to get a better look and a solid earful of what she was belting out.

Not gonna lie I was at half mast while editing this photo… In all seriousness though Huntress rips


Despite their obvious So Cal look and flair, Huntress wailed out an amazing set of classic thrash metal, though a touch on the side of theatrical, it was an awesome listen. Lead singer Jill Janus definitely has some serious pipes hidden behind her massive cans and she carried the band with much more than her looks. Regardless of their looks, Huntress rocked and got the crowd fully warmed up for the headliners, 3 Inches Of Blood.

One of the only times spiting beer is encouraged..

The boys from British Colombia finally took to the stage and made it known that they came to rock right out of the gates. Not much needs to be said about 3 Inches Of Blood. They just plain fuckin’ rock and have been doing so for years. They are amazing live and this night was no exception. Whiskey Dick’s small venue made for an awesome time as they ripped through all the songs you know and new ones you don’t from their forthcoming album, Long Live Heavy Metal. Finally, they closed the place down with their most recognizable and one of their heaviest songs, “Deadly Sinners.” The crowd went wild and the pit got turned up a notch as everyone reveled in the high pitched screams, guttural groans and wailing guitars that have become the signature of 3 Inches Of Blood.

My ears are still ringing from standing next to the giant speaker just out of frame to my left, but Alex (in the middle with a huge grin) doesn’t seem to mind..

Everyone went ape shit when they played Deadly Sinners excepted for that one kid that looks like Pat from Pat the movie.. Hes so confused that one..

The night was a total success and a great excuse to get off the couch and bang our heads to some good, live music. Big thanks to Josh Lease from Born Dead Productions, all the bands for coming out and Whiskey Dicks for providing the venue. Remember to tip your bartenders and be sure to check out 3 Inches Of Blood in Reno on Thursday December 13th at the Alley. We’ll be there and I guarantee you won’t want to miss it!

For more info and videos of the bands that played check out the following links:




Huntress – Video

3 Inches of Blood


Wouldn’t want to come across this group in a dark alley…well, except for the blonde….

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