It’s hard to imagine a chill twelve piece hippie-folk-rock band emerging from the commercialized culture of Los Angeles, but Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are just that. Following the Zeros 2009 debut, Up From Below, which was carried by the adorably addictive song “Home” they released Here on May 30th. Up From Below like most albums released these days was a bit lopsided with more downs than ups. Yes, it was charming, playful but in the end a bit quirky. Still, “Home” remains one of those songs destined to stand the test of time. 


With their release of Here, its evident the hippie, cultish Zeros offer much more than their quirky yet charming tunes dominating Up From Below. Those who passed them off as one-hit-wonders are in for a big surprise. Here remains true to their down home campfire jam session sound but is more focused on the music than the playful dialogue. With hints of gospel and 60’s folk their is no escaping getting lost into the groove and stomping your feet. It’s a chilled out smooth ride through and through best served with a joint on a lazy afternoon.


Check out a few of their new tunes and a interview below.

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