Peyote is part of a new wave of street artists rising to prominence in the Minneapolis art scene, such as Deuce 7, Wundr, Von Shank, HOTTEA, Adept, and many others who have bent the rules of graffiti and redefined street art in the Twin Cities.


Besides displaying his art alongside some of the best artists in the scene, such as Barry McGee, Neck Face, and even Ozzy Osbourne, Peyote is affiliated with brands like Blood is the New Black and artists like Mr. Dibbs and Nobuddy. With a distinct style that will make you stop and stare for hours, Peyote is an artist to take note of. Although he mixes it up between paintings, drawings, stickers, wheatpaste posters and more, his style is always recognizable and unmistakably unique. Each piece has infinite detail that looks like it was spewed from a nightmarish mescaline trip deep within the grimy heart of the Tijuana underworld. Somehow the gritty insanity that makes up his artwork comes together to make a flawless ghoulish image. We caught up with Peyote to see what’s behind the artwork and what’s going down in the graffiti underworld.

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