The British artist known as Banksy could be the most famous, notorious, admired, despised, and wanted vandal in the world. Banksy’s artwork can be seen from the Israeli West Bank Wall to New Orleans Lower 9th Ward. His distinctive stencil technique combines dark humor with political and social commentary creating a unique style of satirical street art.

 “There’s something appealing and socially necessary about Banksy’s audacity of spirit. He pairs strong imagery with witty text, addressing issues that need to be considered more carefully and driving straight to the core of what’s wrong in society. Banksy voices his questions of authority through artwork and makes it free and accessible.” Sandra Silvoy of KQED Arts writes. Not only is his artwork compelling but it also has a way of engaging its audience and interacting with the surrounding street environment.

Coinciding with his recent documentary premiere “Exit Through the Gift Shop” in San Francsico, CA Banksy graced the streets of SF with several pieces across the city. People all over the Bay Area city where thrilled to see Bansky’s appearance and tour his artwork as if the city was a museum. 

In addition, his documentary, “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” was also well received across the West Coast and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2011. The film was directed by Bansky and tells the story of Thierry Guetta, his obsession with street art, and his search for the ever elusive Banksy. “Exit Through the Gift Shop” features a host of street artists including: Shepard Fairey, Invader, Neck Face, Ron English, Borf, Swoon, and many others. 

While the true identity of Banksy may always remain a mystery his legendary artwork is timeless and free for all to appreciate. Next time you are in San Francisco follow Heckler’s guide below to check out Bansky’s SF Bombing. Also, check the videos below…..the trailer & full length feature of the documentary or some may say mockumentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” And Shepard Fairey’s interview about Banksy and the film.

720 Grant Ave. (Between Commerical & Sacramento St.)

 720 Grant Ave. (at Commercial St.)

2140 Mission St. (at Sycamore St.)

 2140 Mission St. At Cafe Prague

1309 Howard St. (at 9th)

130- Howard St. H &R Home Furnishing

853 Valencia St. (Between 20th & Cunningha Place)

853 Valencia St. Above Amnesia Bar

Corner of Haight & Belvedere

1672 Haight St. At Red Victorian Inn


The Trailer


The Full Lenght Movie “Exit Through the Gift Shop” 

Shepard Fairey Interview about Bansky & the film.

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