It’s been 14 years since the renowned lyricist duo, Yassin (Mos Def) & Talib Kweli, have released an album. But in a recent interview with MTV Talib Kweli announced he and Mos are set to drop a new Black Star album in 2012. In the interview Talib tells MTV ” I am working to put out a Black Star project for people to buy sometime next year. Me and Mos are focused on independence and quality of sound. We’re really into a Madlib/Dilla thing right now. Anything you hear from us is probably going to be that type of sound. And it’s about independence, so we are trying to find out the right mediums to get the songs out. When you heard“Fix Up” on Colbert, it wasn’t even mixed; it was something we recorded a week before. Now we’re at the mixing stage of the song and we are going to put that out ourselves. We have a bunch of songs recorded.” 

The two Brooklyn artists have both followed their first album together with prominent solo careers and great albums, but together they are the kings of Hip-Hop. The long anticipation for their next Black Star album among fans and the Hip-Hop community will soon be over and the icing on the cake, Black Star is currently touring the country so check em’ if you get the chance. Here is a Video of Black Star recently performing a new song, “Fix Up,” on The Colbert Report.

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Black Star – “Fix Up”
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