When the term Friday Night Lights is mentioned, thoughts come to mind of small town football heroes carrying tradition on their backs as their athletic feats inspire awe among the crowds gathered to bask in their moments of triumph and defeat. At Boreal the same holds true except less jocks, less cheerleaders, and less “good job” pats on the butt.

    However the tradition of athletic triumph and glory remain in tact as Boreal enters the 15th year of Expression Sessions under the lights. In ’97 myself, and the rest of the up-and-comers that migrated to Tahoe looking for a ticket to the world of pro snowboarding, would gather under the lights of Boreal to session and push each other. Not much has changed. Boreal is supporting riders with fun events and Tahoe’s finest still gather to one-up each other in the name of progression and having a good time.

     The third installment of this seasons junkyard Expression Session was held on a 1000 gallon steel cylinder laid on its side. 76 competitors came out to express themselves on the junk laid out by Lane Knaack and his expert park staff. Snowboarders, skiers, and even snow skaters battled through a hectic session. The snow skaters had a tough time with the feature but managed to pull a couple sick slides and a kick flip off the side hip. The skiers… well they skied. And the snowboarders covered the spectrum from miller flipping to 900 steez pivots to shoulder rolls. The ladies also put in a strong showing at the event.

       While the kids were trying to turn pro, DJ Squarefield Massive dropped some buck buck bloodclot’n beats for all the Irie’s in the crowd. Sacramento’s own J*RAS also gave much love and respect to the riders with some hot lyrics about coming together as one and letting go of the animosity. He must not have been aware that there is no love at a contest where kids are competing for a new snowboard or skis.  There are no friends on a pow day or at a contest where a rider can win a pair of goggles. It’s a hard knock life in the streets of Truckee. Also dropping some bars was a Bieber looking 10 year old. He was spitting about being rich and famous and rockin stages. Ahh to be 10 again. It was the rebirth of Kriss Kross. All joking aside, the kid was pretty good. J*Ras and Squarefield Massive kept it high energy and showed how much they love doing what they do, as they continued to rock the frozen stage until every fan hit the lodge.

       As all the shredders made their way inside for the awards, Boreal provided free pizza for everyone. You could tell who the dirts were that rent out space in someones closet. They were the ones with 3 slices in each hand and one falling out of their pocket. Luckily Foy and I were offered a slice of cold cheese by some girl with a puffy lower lip. Turns out she had 2 chaws in. Stay classy Truckee. Awards were presented and prizes given out for stellar performances. As a matter of fact you might be able to get your hands on some of those prizes if you check Craigslist.

       Big thanks go out to Slaughter, Rosenwald, Lane, the park crew, Woodward Brandon, Nando at Ariel7, Neri at Nixon, the Academy guys, Old Dirty Pink Arm from Heckler, Foy, Squarfield Massive and J*RAS, the Boreal staff, and all the shredders that turned out to kill it. Make sure you come out for the final event on April 6th. The last Expression Session of the season will be a mini-slopestyle event, best 2 of 3 runs. All the junkyard features from around Boreal will be combined into one slope course. Prizes for the final will include boards from Academy, Lib Tech, and Gnu. They will be giving out 2 pairs of skis from Nordica for people that do that kind of thing. See you there.

       Oh and to the girl in the crowd, in the yellow jacket; Stop smoking and call Foy.

Words by: Jason Borgstede

Filmed by: John Foy

Edited by: Austin Danforth & Jason Privett



Here is the winners from Friday night

Men’s Snowboard:
1) Matt Busedu
2) Lou Macias
3) Alex Hereford

Youth Snowboard:
1) Elias Maas
2) Jesse Aves
3) Dante Brooke

1) Tasha Sagucka
2) Tina Mosquida
3) Kasandra Dolan

Snow Skate:
1) Adam Gerlach

Best Crash:
Ski – Jamie Melton
Snowboard – Blare Esson

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