Boreal’s Expression Sessions have been going off this season with great turn-outs and epic new features being unveiled at every event. Mad props to Boreal and their badass Terrain Park Crew for the innovative setups with fun for all wanting to participate. This last one was by far the Finale and it went off so check out the good times!


The Results

Mens Board:
1.) Sawyer Dean
2.) Jordan Wells
3.) Jordan Welter

Teens Board:
1.) Matty Britton
2.) Shawn O’neil
3.) Quinntin Butler

Groms Board:
1.) Caleb Bonneville
2.) Randy Butler
3.) Elias Maas

1.) Femke Herriques
2.) Cali Doetler
3.) Kasandra Dolan

Snow Skaters:
1.) Pat Jerome


Song: Old War Chant

By: Damian “Jr Gong”  Marley

Filming by: Jason Privett & John Foy

Edit by: Jason Privett

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