Bring it on!

Yesterday I decided to hit the snooze button a few too many times, but thankfully Silver Serino kept letting me know what I was missing and that I was “blowing it” not being at Northstar already. Considering I live at lake level, and didn’t see any snow on the ground outside, I was a little apprehensive. Boy was I wrong. Yesterday was a Pow day. Not a dust on crust day. We got shacked. A lot. And the fact that is nuking snow at my house right now(at lake level) should inspire you to get out this weekend and shred. We are getting pummeled. Goodbye all of the hate we have for last season(if you can even call it a season), winter has shown up this year. BRING. IT. ON!


POW! Silver tried to jib this tree but the snow was too deep.


Silver Serino Boosting

Brenden Gerard


Dan Lillo

Silver Serino getting shacked

Taylor Lucia. Proper Method.

Silver Serino. Method Madness.

Brenden Gerard

OzMan with the Denim-Powday steeze.

More Pow in case you didn’t believe us. Silver getting some.

Silver was boosting off of everything. JP with the soggy followcam.

Brenden Gerard & Silver Serino, synchronized shredding.

Silver with a tree tapper.

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