If you have somewhat eclectic tastes (think: MGMT, Radiohead, The Shins, Gorillaz, The Beatles and The Doors), like music with intellectual content, and are looking for an album to refresh your play list, Broken Bells is a sure bet.  Creating a clean, modern take on folk music with an ambient/electronic twist (and at times a touch of funk or southwestern flair) there is no question the sound that is Broken Bells comes from experienced musicians. So, it is no surprise this duo consists of  the extremely talented Danger Mouse (Brian Burton – artist/producer) who has been featured with artists such as Jack White, Gorillaz, Beck, Cee Lo Green, The Black Keys… and the equally gifted James Mercer (lead vocals/guitar -The Shins).  This collaboration has been quite an influential one at that… James Mercer credits Danger Mouse with influencing the new sound of ‘Port of Morrow’, the latest album by The Shins, which was just released March 20th.

These catchy retro/psychedelic chaps have gotten plenty of radio play with “The Ghost Inside”  a funky, electro/pop hit, and more recently “The High Road” off their self titled album … but upon listening to the entire album there are far more gems to uncover. “Sailing to Nowhere” for one, is quite a treat. The track can best be described as a modern fusion of Radiohead with The Beatles and The Doors. As equally as impressive as the sound, are the lyrics… which hypnotically carry you through the songs, as in “Trap Doors“. That is, if you’re paying attention to them.. which you should be.  

Check the not so hidden message portrayed in the video for “The Ghost Inside” and judge for yourself.

Tracks to get now:
“The High Road”
“Sailing to Nowhere”
“Trap Doors”

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