Whats better than getting a bunch shred heads together in the summer for some good times in the woods? Hatchets, BBguns, Booze, Boards, Dirtbikes, Quads, Games, and a magical Dutch Oven that provided some tasty meals.  When Burton California reps called me about putting together a camp session i started packing!

Spilla and Brad had the idea of bringing a bunch of friends and local shops together to do some premium camping on the edge of Prosser lake in Truckee California. They invited Burton legend Alex Andrews to bring his Badastro van and toys along, as well as local shop employees from Dave’s Boardshop, Totally Board, The Ledge, and Butterbox for some good old summer vibes.

The extra large campsite provided perfect accommodations.  A giant pop up Burton tent housed a quiver of vintage decks to get people stoked for the upcoming winter and to check out some snowboarding history first hand.  Alex brought a whole slew of activities that seemed never-ending as he unloaded his Van.  Everyone spent the day ripping bikes, shooting BB guns at a make shift can target rack, and tossing hatchets at a homemade target round, the meat cleaver seemed to be the favored weapon. 

Alex also picked up the food for us all on his way to the campsite, we ate really well.  For dinner the dutch oven that was filled with all sorts of meat and veggies stewed in the fire and provided perfect build your own burritos and tacos for dinner. The grill was loaded as well if you had worked up your appetite for round 2.  The Dutch oven got fired up again in the morning stuffed with sausage, pork and eggs, aka the baja blowout, it lived up to its name. Double decker coolers stocked with beer, whiskey and a few bob and stacys kept the party fueled late into the night for those that could hang.

Thanks to Burton and everyone that brought something to the Burton Camp, including themselves! excellent times, fall camp sesh is a must!

Burton Camp- Walk Through



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