This past 4:20 the Green Bandit Productions (Gremlinz) crew thru there 6th annual Gremlin Gamez party, and it didn’t disappoint. Hard work was put into this years set up, and Heckler was there to recap the fun with this short video of what was going down on this smoked out holiday. Corrugated pipes, quarter pipes, spliffs galore, smiles for days, smoke screens, and a massive step up made this party one for the books. Thanks for the good times homies. We can’t wait till next year’s festivities. Bless Up!!

Riders: Matt Shaffer, Shane Sayers, Matt Busedu, Jordan Wells, Eric Leon, Riley Nickerson, Tommy Gesme, Tyler Lynch, Elwood Rodriquez, Dakota Whitaker, Jeffery Sponzo, Nial Romanek, Josh Feliciano, Keenan Cawley, Mike Burton, and may others

Filmers: Kurt Randall, Jonathan Goggin

Editors: Kurt Randall, Jonathan Goggin

Produced by: Heckler Media

Music: Wiz Khalifa- Be Easy- Prince of the City 2 (mixtape)

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