In California Daze eposiode #2 we travel up to Boreal / Woodward Tahoe to get  some sun and shred. The wind in the two afternoons prevented our riders from the big jumps, but creativity ruled during the last few days of Boreal Mountain remaining open for the 2015-2016 season.  Sit back and enjoy Neffland, Woodward Boreal Tahoe with smooth jazz from Miles Davis, and supreme creativity from the crew of Tahoe shredders. Enjoy, and thank you for watching!!

Riders: Mike Burton 0:48 , Ian Daly 2:27 ,Keenan Cawley 2:40 ,Tommy Gesme 2:44 ,Ben Bilodeau 2:46 ,Jordan Wells 2:54 ,Elwood Rodrigues 3:02 ,Shane Sayers 3:11 ,Matt Busedu 3:20 ,Kasandra Lynn Dolan 3:43 ,Matt Shaffer 4:04

Editor: Jonathan Goggin

Cinematography: Kurt Randall, Jonathan Goggin

Produced By: Heckler Media

Music: Miles Davis
-Miles Runs The Voodoo Down-

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