Driving home, I switched my stereo over to Capital Public Radio and caught a jazz/hip hop/lyrical gem… being a huge fan of both Mos Def and jazz, I had to go home and look up the song. 

I had instantly recognized the singer/emcee as Mos Def… but come to find out, as first reported by Rolling Stone last September, he had planned to retire that name and instead take on the name Yasiin Bey in early 2012. Featured with jazz pianist/producer Robert Glasper, this Tuesday (Feb. 28th) Robert Glasper Experiment – ‘Black Radio’ will be fully released.  An experiment?? …it most definitely is.  Other cuts hold their own well when, say, paired with morning coffee, a drive through S.F., or a meditative state of mind and include more down tempo jazz tracks with the likes of Erika Badu, some (not quite my cup of tea) R&B/jazz mixes, and… stay with me… a tripped-out/acid jazz cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”  …but seriously, don’t miss the title track “Black Radio“ featuring Mos Def… I mean… Yasiin Bey.


Before it comes out, check it here at NPR:


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