Chi Cheng was a passionate musician and an inspired poet. The Deftones bassist, and Sacramento local, will be missed by all who knew him, and all who connected with his music and spoken word.

Listening to The Bamboo Parachute, 25 tracks of soul bearing poetry narrated by Chi himself, is a haunting reminder of the beautiful soul we have all lost; yet, simultaneously helps us celebrate his existence and all he shared with the world. His amazing spirit not only inspired, but continues to inspire. The last few years since Chi’s car accident have been a tumultuous time. It brings some comfort to know he is no longer in a constant fight, but has found peace. Deftones guitarist, Steven Carpenter, shared some words about his friend on the bands website. A loving testament to the amazing individual Chi was…


There are so many things I can say, and yet at this moment, none of it matters or compares to the loss everyone feels. There will be a hole in our lives where Chi once was. But that will be filled everyday with all of our love and memories we all have in our heart. He will always be here because of love. It’s time we all give our love and best, and do our best to love. Especially ourselves, Chi would want that for everyone. All our healing will begin with love. I love you, Chi.


Stephen, for Deftones


And so… love, we did. The gathering on Sunday, April 21st at Harlow’s Night Club was filled with smiling faces and the celebration of a beautiful life. Local, and near local, bands heeded the call and played a final tribute to their fallen friend. Chi’s brother Ming Cheng started the night with a few words. The immensely talented musicians of Kai Kln, Phallucy (Abe Cunningham of Deftones on drums), Will Haven, Tinfed, and Death Valley High were among those who shared the stage. The impromptu show was heartfelt, passionate and as inspired as Chi himself. Touching moments filled the night, as did old stories and infectious laughter. Being a long time fan of both the Deftones and Chi’s poetry, (I was fortunate enough to catch Chi share his spoken word live at a cafe in downtown Sacramento years back) it was an honor to share this time with those who were so close to him.  We continue to send our love to his bandmates and closest friends, as well as his loving family.

You will be dearly missed. We love you Chi.


david garcia, abe cunningham, and sonny mayugba of phallucy

phallucy (minus david garcia) – todd wilkinson, sonny mayugba, dominic garcia, abe cunningham

phallucy and friends

dominic garcia and abe cunningham  

(above) dominic garcia stepping in on bass with kai kln (above and below)

 will haven rocked and intense and solid set

jeff irwin of will haven

grady avanelle (above and bellow) and mitch wheeler of will haven

death valley high carried the high energy through the night



For those of you previously unfamiliar with Chi’s spoken word… enjoy




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