This is the full video of Christian Mares getting caught in an avalanche. January 15, 2016.  This happened in bounds at Sugar Bowl resort. Please be careful out there. Check out their Instagram.

Filmed by Matt Shaffer

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  1. Kim Mares

    Jonn, I’m Christians mommie and I just want to thank you for being there for
    Christian. I cry every time I see this video and can’t imagine how helpless you and your friend must have felt. I’m so proud of my son for being such a strong man. Many thanks ~ Kim

    • Bob

      Your his mom? You should be ashamed of what this self absorbed arrogant POS kid of yours did and his attitude. He puts innocent people lives at stake just so he can take a selfie and then cops an attitude that he does not care one bit about what happens to others because of his actions. What an unbelievable callous amoral jerk. Speaks volumes about how he was raised.

      I hate to say this but I pray the that when he does kill someone it is a member of his/your family and not some innocent kids. SMH.

      I – and others, have written to the resort that they ban him for life.

      One thing is for sure- Christian is no Christian.

    • Gabriel

      You’re so proud of your son?

      He went into a closed area, known for avalanches, and you’re proud of him?

      That’s like saying you’re proud of your son for walking down the middle of the freeway, being hit by a car, and not being killed.

      • The truth hurts

        Gabriel your making yourself look real stupid when you have no idea what the facts are. Again STOP assuming things without knowing the facts. What evidence do you have that they had ducked a rope and went into a closed area. And don’t tell me it’s been closed for the last 5 years because of course it’s been closed because we have had NO SNOW until now. If it was such a high risk area for avalanches don’t think it should have been roped which it was not at the time but poorly marked closed. She is proud of your son for being strong from douche bags like you who feed into to all the bullshit! Grow up!!

      • Not in bounds

        no- they we’re definitely in a closed area that had not been controlled. Charges are being pressed by the Placer County Sherriff. This accident was the direct result of poor decisions by Christian and his friends.

  2. Bruce

    Boarding in a closed area almost cost him his life. Plenty of Go pro’s, no avalanche safety equipment. STUPID!!!!

  3. Sharokina


    We’re doing a story about this for KCRA-3. Heading up to the Sierra right now. Can you talk? My cell – 209-612-9504. Thanks. – Sharokina Shams

  4. Bob

    Looks like another self important halfwit thinking that the rules don’t apply to him. This is exactly the kind of thing that he should have the book thrown at him for. The fact that nobody got hurt isn’t the point, the potential for severe harm or death that he created warrants more than a slap on the wrist. This self absorbed arrogant a-hole put innocent peoples lives in extreme danger just so he could take a selfie. And then shows his true character by saying he does not care one bit about others. Hopefully when he does kill someone it is a member of his own family and not some innocent kid. Let this non thinking child sit behind bars for a few weeks and take a massive bite out of his wallet and see if that jogs any of those brain cells he isn’t using.

    He obviously learned to be an amoral jerk from his parents. The whole family is pathetic.

    I do pray that at the very least the resort bans him for life to protect others from this violent amoral thug.

    • The truth hurts

      Bob, so you’re just assuming that sugar bowl had everything clearly marked but in reality they are the ones at fault. There was no ropes and not clearly marked. If the avalanche danger was so high they should have roped off the whole area. Anyone that day could have accidentally stumbled upon that area. Second your assuming that he started the avalanche on purpose which he did not. Third where does it say he doesn’t care about other peoples safety? STOP assuming things when you clearly don’t know the whole story.


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