There’s even more than meets the eye when you see the wonderful works by Colombian street artist Nice Naranja. His imaginative designs of animals and birds stand out for their amazing spectrum of colours as much as their incredible attention to detail. His art, however, also carries a poignant message about mankind upsetting nature’s delicate balance.

 Nice’s birds bearing gifts can be found all over the Federal Capital and Province of Buenos Aires. “The birds are giving fruit to the people,” Nice explains. “They are showing how nature feeds man. I like the idea that people have to think about and look after what they have. Animals give fruit to humans and people have to take care of the birds. I paint birds and animals to make people realise that living in cities is not their natural habitat.”

Scientists have warned that the human race is plundering the planet at such an alarming rate that it is outstripping its capacity to support life. A third of the natural world has reportedly been destroyed by humans in the last three decades. “I found a way to paint in the street and say to people that what we are doing is wrong,” explains Nice. “There’s more to it than just caring about the planet, it’s about having a conscience about the things that people do and the materials that we use to make things and throw away.”

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