Current State: Snowboarding is a book that compiles some of the most promi-
nent individuals and images of snowboarding’s past three decades. Made up of
two interconnected full-size books, it features interviews with 23 of the culture’s
most influential and original characters, assembled in an attempt to create an
overall – if blurry – image of its current state.

Unfortunately the book will only be released in a very limited edition and not be
available to dealers or wholesale. You will be able to order a maximum of two
copies per person as long as supplies last. In case you’d like to purchase more
copies, please let us know via e-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as pos-
sible. If you have pre-ordered your copy and not finalized your purchase please
go through the regular purchasing procedure.

Written, Edited and Designed by David Benedek


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