With the hot sun beating down on our lackluster campsite we all reluctantly started to get up and pack up our sprawling mess. An hour later with our broken trailer in tow we pulled into Government Camp in the shadow of Mt.Hood to meet up with friends Nicky “Nickman” Grieves and Brandon Cocard. Two classic friends and Portlandites whose hospitality and local knowledge would be indispensable to us during our stay.


Brandon Cocard & Danny Conroy not having fun

Danny jumped in the truck with Cocard to go up and snowboard for a couple hours while the rest of the guys followed Nickman down the hill to get a bite to eat and meet up with Jamie Weller to skate the funnest park in the northwest.

Up on the mountain the guys were unfazed by the 90 degree weather. Cocard had already spent a good part of his summer up on the mountain and after getting hooked up with High Cascade passes through Airblaster friends, the two headed into the park with no hesitation. Mt.Hood in the summer is always a scene and this day was no exception. Within minutes of being there they ran into friends Brendon Drury, Johnny Brady, Scott Stevens, Tim Eddy and Hannah Fuller and more. Hot laps were taken on both of HCSC’s rope tows and they all rode till 3 when the park closed down. Perfect timing to head down to Windells and meet up with the rest of the crew to skate.

Trevor Jacob ripping

With the sun shining bright through the lush Oregon foliage, the session down at Windells got heated up in no time. Windells skatepark winds through it’s expansive campus with perfect concrete obstacles around every corner. The centerpiece of the park however, is the giant bowl section that has unending flow, as long as you can dodge the fifty or so campers on bikes, blades, scooters and skateboards. Its a full scene but that just adds to the fun. Nickman, Foy, Privett, Cocard and the Intern had no problem weaving in and out of the kids to get their licks in, even if a couple campers got bumped, pushed or scared out of the way. Its just the way it goes.

Our Homie Keith Lederman from FTC in SF shredding Windells Tough

Also on the scene were Nick Visconti and Brent Ofendal. It was their signature session up on the hill and neither had any problem backing up their long day on snow with some old fashioned grinds, slides and more on the concrete, while JP snapped away with the camera catching as much action as possible. Soon enough, the dinner bell sounded, the park began to clear and we all realized how much the last few hours in the sun had taken out of us. Dehydrated, sunburned, battered and bruised, we all headed to our separate vehicles, not ready to leave, but unable to keep going.

Nick Visconti is unreal on a skate

We all said our goodbyes and the Heckler crew headed down to Portland, the land of bars with two-dollar PBR tallboys, strip clubs with no cover and more skateparks and spots than we could keep track of. We met up with longtime buddy Will Dam who was nice enough to let us take over his couches and spare bedrooms, recapped the day with a couple pulls on his friends freshly distilled moonshine and let ourselves drift off to sleep. Day two in the bag.

Special thanks to Jamie Weller and Tim Windell for letting us skate there most epic park. If your ever in the area its a must skate for sure, you can check out their site here.


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