The third day started out slowly as we all grumbled out of our sleeping zones, some lucky enough to score beds while the rest flopped out on the available couch space. Once the nessesary coffee and breakfast was found and devoured we made our way to Exit Real World Skateshop in the heart of northwest Portland. A super clean shop with all the right stuff and cool people, Exit had it dialed. Exit also linked us up with one of their team riders, Elliot Murphy, who would meet up with us at the Beaverton Park, his local stomping grounds.

From Exit we grabbed Nickman from his house in Portland and headed west to Beaverton to link up with Elliot and see what Beaverton was all about. We rolled up to the park and right off the bat Privett got sucked up by a tar spot in the parking lot and got tossed straight to the ground. Full carcass slap before we even got within the confines of the park. Beaverton had it out for us. The park was good, and it would have felt really good had we not just skated Klamath Falls and Windells. One by one it took all of us down, ending with the intern, who somehow managed to come off the vert wall his shoulder in the center of the board, immediately smashing his board in half, but probably saving his shoulder at the same time. None of us had ever heard of that happening and as funny as it was, we were all now gimping around the park as Elliot rolled up in style in his mom’s black on black Range Rover in pure style.

NickmanShredman. It doesn’t need to make sense

A new guy rolling with us for the day was a breath of fresh air and Elliot had the place dialed. He warmed it up with a big bag of flawless flatground tricks and then unleashed his precision ripping on the perfect ledges and manual pads of the Beaverton Park. Elliot blew our minds with his nonchalant tech skills and easy style as we huddled in the corner of the park documenting it and stretching out our beaten bodies in anticipation of the next park.

From Beaverton we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed to Hillsboro park, deeper into Westside Portland. The park was super fun, but it was also super hot, draining almost all of our motivation into a combined sweat puddle on the ground. That didn’t stop Elliot from checking off tricks on the extended euro gap, hubbas and pyramid but the real highlight of the park was the unscheduled appearance of razor scooter pro, KC Corning. A local legend, presumptually more in his own mind than others, save for an isolated scooter fan base, Corning proceeded to call out his tricks from across the park and lay them to rest one by one.

Already blown away by his ego, not to mention the sight of a full grown man fresh off a dungeons and dragons tournament in his mom’s basement doing backflips on a child-size scooter, we had to sit down and watch the show as he flipped, spun, grinded and generally ripped the park a new one, in his own way. Then his shirt came off and shit got real. Backflip 180’s three feet out in tranny, weird noseblunts on the rail and some crazy spin flip that he claimed he invented. Then just like that, he folded up his scooter, put on his shirt, hopped on his fixie and took off for places unknown.

KC Corning made our day, completely shut down the park and left in a cloud of sweat vapor and arrogance. Unable to back up his awesomeness, we packed it up, said our thank yous and goodbyes to Elliot and headed to the last and best park of the day, Gabriel, but not without grabbing some cold beers on the way to keep the motivation and energy levels high.

Dcon Bowl!!

Gabriel park is awesome. Part snakerun, part bowl, you can take it mellow or push it to the next level, having run regardless. It was a perfect spot to end the day on a high note. The local kids were shredding it, getting everybody psyched in the process. Will showed us the lined through the snake section, Foy and Privett screeched some laybacks and Nickman and Dan went to work in the deep end. Soon enough the sun dipped behind the horizon, beer cans lay crushed and empty and the boys made their way to the Lucky Labrador for some more beers and pizza.

Local skater carving the deep end at Gabriel.

Portland nightlife is a good time and we’ll leave it at that. Everyone met back up in the Southeast area for some cold ones at The Slammer, everyone’s favorite, or least favorite depending on who you ask, dive bar in the area. From there things got hazy and soon enough Day 3 was a wrap with tall cans, Jello shots and Sassy’s winding everything down for the night.

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