Day 4 started as they all seem to have; foggy and sore. The weather in Portland was still uncharacteristically perfect and the crew met up from places unknown at Brooklyn Street, a DIY skatespot in a small empty lot on the SE side of town.


Exit Real World rolls tough

After much needed coffee, food, water and maybe a little hair of the dog were procured, the session began to get started. Maybe not the best spot for the first roll of the day, the quick, tight trannys of Brooklyn Street had everyone working to stay balanced and keep speed. More people began to meet up and soon we had a full crew consisting of regulars Foy, Privett, and Danny the Intern, joined by Cocard, Nickman and new friend of the tour, Sam Driver. We also synced up with a couple skaters from Earth and Ocean Skateshop, a shop in Sonora, Ca, who happened to be up in Portland. They added some extra fire to the morning session and really got it going.

Earth & Ocean team rider Kyle Davis boosting back 3’s all day

The session began to heat up, but as anyone who’s skated Brooklyn Street or any other proper DIY spot, that usually leads to just as many low speed goofy fall as it does makes. The mix of jersey barriers, pool coping and hand shaped trannys make everything there a challenge and a ton of fun just to roll around on and try to figure out. They are expanding every chance they get so make sure you check it out if your ever in the Portland area. The consensus was made to move on to the next spot so everyone gathered their belongings and hopped into whatever car had an extra seat, ready to switch gears into street mode at the Ed Benedict Skatepark on Powell St.

The crew relaxing at Ed Benedict Skatepark

A welcome change from all the transition heavy parks in Oregon, Ed Benedict is a proper street plaza that flows in somewhat of a circle which makes it perfect for long, tech street lines. The guys from Earth and Ocean killed the park with super good style and pop. It was hot as hell and the beer was flowing like wine in the shade, which eventually led to all of us just shooting the shit with each other and the kids in the shade. We all got some tricks at Ed Benedict and motivation dipped as the BAC’s rose with the temperature so to choice was made to drive across town to Glenhaven Park, which was promised to provide some much needed shade and change.


Kyle Davis boosting the hip at Ed Benedict

The Northwest is littered with good parks and Glenhaven is no exception. Good flow through the street section, a gnarly pool and a burly bowl all add up to make an awesome park with something for everyone. The locals were ripping their lines and knocking down tricks left and right, getting everyone in the crew pumped up for the third session of the day. The hip saw some airtime from just about everyone, but the real session went down on the handrails. All the local Glenhaven kids made it known that it was their park and they came out to play. Two of them even showed off their freshly inked Glenhaven tattoos which promptly earned them some stickers, T-shirts and respect. Once the gear was handed out we hit the road back to SE Portland to say whats up to the guys at Shrunken Head skate shop and catch an evening session at Burnside, the holy grail of DIY parks.

Sector 9 team rider Alex Schuurmans ripping frontboards through the kink at Glenhaven

Shrunken Head, just around the corner from Burnside has everything you need. A small selection of all the right stuff, some records and employees that actually skate. We talked to Justin, the owner for a bit and found out that he had actually had a photo in Heckler back in the late 90’s. We grabbed a couple rad shop decks for the crew and headed down to soak in all Burnside had to offer.

Another Glenhaven standout & loc

The original park under the bridge has something going on just about every day and night and this evening was no exception. As usual, the parking lot was a scene upon itself. Within seconds of jumping out of our vehicles and grabbing cold ones we were accosted by a one-eyed, shirtless Burnside local who screamed at us for not having coozies on our cans, even though his Hamms was in full view, naked and coozieless. As soon as we were hounded for our blown coozie ettique, the man we could later come to know as simply Scroggins, was hassled by another Burnside power player for being a dick and we were in the clear. Burnside can be intimidating, more for the scene and the locals than the park for some, but on this evening, the park was relatively mellow. Instead of a full on texas death match style barge session, there was just a heated back and forth between the skaters which made it easy to figure out lines and get used to the parks rough and unforgiving ground while watching the locals take the place apart piece by piece.

Frank Shaw tore Burnside up that night

Frank Shaw as well as a kid known only as Binger and Burnside staple Deaf Paul showed their power and finesse on the parks sacred walls, giving everyone else the juice to get their own shit going. If there’s anything we learned on this trip so far, it’s that you respect a man with only one name. They always have a story, they’re  always a little bit sketchy, but they get it done and their always awesome to talk to and hang out with. Burnside is obviously no exception to this rule, with Binger ripping the park and old one eyed Scroggins seemingly destroying everything in his path, on his skateboard or not.

Burnside Legend Dave Tobin and past Heckler Contributor & Burnside Loc James Ratzman getting dialed

The sun dropped behind Portland’s skyline and the session moved from the park to the cooler in the parking lot. We gave away the rest of the beer in our cooler to the parking lot dwellers, said our goodbyes to our new friends, got a strict warning from Scroggins to watch out for his ex-old lady in Lincoln City when we were to pass through there in the future and then made our way around the corner for some much needed food, beer and water, probably in that order. Day 4 in Portland was a wrap, covering a record 4 parks, making it one of the most action packed and tiring days of the trip, but also the most fun to date.


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