The morning of Day 5 started off sore and tired for the whole gang.

With 4 parks in the bag the day before, everyone was a little rough around the edges, but the show must go on. The first order of business was to get the crippled pop-up trailer working again. After much deliberation and minimal thought, the call was made to bypass the broken cranking mechanism and simply lift it up by hand, supported by cotter pins. Easy enough in practice, but not so easy when you factor in the fact that the thing is heavy, awkward, and seemingly breaking down faster than any of us could keep up with. The fix, however, worked for now and seemed like it might just be the genius move that would keep our rolling coffin ship shape for the rest of the trip. Once the trailer was fixed and our gear loaded up we hit the road, bidding a farewell to Portland, all our friends there and all the fun the City of Roses had to offer. Big thanks to Cocard and Will for the floor space and couches which we all needed so dearly. Really anything beats that trailer.

Heading west out of Portland to the coast we had Dan, Foy and JP in the truck towing the trailer with Nickman and Privett following behind. Our first destination was Newberg, or as our buddy Scroggins affectionately called it, “Nerdberg.” We got conflicting reports on Nerdberg. Some said the helmet law was strictly enforced, while others said that someone had burned the pad nannies shack down, which essentially got rid of the stupid rule altogether. Unfortunately for us, helmet law was in full effect and the pad nanny shack still stood on its foundation. Never ones to follow rules or wear helmets, we tried to skate without them but were soon kicked out. With Lincoln City on our plate later in the day we all said a collective “Fuck You!” to Nerdberg and headed on our way. Newberg is an awesome park that would be well worth skating, but the mood was set and at the point the only smart thing to do is bail.

A quick stop for some food in neighboring McMinnville also brought us through Danger Valley Skateshop for a quick hello to the guys working there and we were out. Really cool shop with some awesome guys working there, but we had giant snakeruns on the mind and had to get to Red’s Lincoln City masterpiece as soon as we could. Making our way through Oregon’s wine country, we winded through the hill and finally plopped out on the coast. We were welcomed by some cooler temps and stopped to get some pre skate pizza and beer in Lincoln City while we said whats up the guys at Safari Surf and Skate. Pizza shoveled down, beer was dumped into the cooler and just like that we said peace to the Safari and headed around the corner to the park.

The Lincoln City skatepark is a thing to behold. A massive park covering the top of a hill with a snakerun connecting that part to an even bigger section at the bottom of the hill, this park really has it all. We all rolled around, trying to take it all in. The park is so big and good that it’s hard to figure out where to start. A downhill snakerun of that size is really one of a kind and after rolling around on just about every other section of the park, we settled in at the top of the snakerun and began to dial it in. Young locals Nick Hall, Travis Middleton and Aaron McCurley showed us how it was done as the casually blasted overhead airs over the hips and generally destroyed everything in their path. Bright future on the board for those kids, and they have the best park ever to keep progressing as well.

Also casually ripping was an illusive long haired ginger. He didn’t talk much and totally kept to himself, but you could tell he had the place dialed and could turn it up a number of notches if he felt like it. We continued to shred the park with the kids and mystery man until the sun began to drop and we meandered over to the parking lot to give Nick, Travis and Aaron some t-shirts, hats and stickers, they literally could not have been more stoked. Hecklers three biggest fans reside in Lincoln City and they do us proud in and out of the park.

It was around this time that the whiskey bottle began to get passed around and seemingly out of the mist, the mysterious ginger appeared, excited to partake. He introduced himself simply as Nash. Immediately we knew we were in for a treat, another man with only one name. Nash was no exception and once the whiskey got him loosened up we found out that he helped build the park, has lived in Lincoln City all his life and, from time to time, has been known to be a professional hitchhiker. We traded some stories from the road, drained the whiskey and said our goodbyes. Leaving Lincoln City was hard. We could have all stayed there for weeks and not tapped into all the park had to offer but as usual, we must press on. Day 5 was a wrap, and now the only obstacle that lay in our way was our ailing trailer and the age old question of where to park it for the night.

For lack of better judgement, maybe it was the whiskey helping the decisions or just plain stupidity, we decided on the Wal-Mart parking lot. Under the glow of the halogen street lights were popped up our trailer, killed the rest of our beers and called it a night at Wally World. By far our worst campsite of the trip, we were all tired enough to say fuck it and we all passed out, knowing that any place we would camp in the future would surely be better than that.


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