The Capri children would be the wakeup call on Day 8 of the trip. They were no stranger to the idea and came armed with turkey calls as they rousted everyone in the vicinity with the loud, but hilarious, gobble, gobble, gobble!!!


Smith man fending off Capries littlest boy while D-con trys to fend off the adult flu.

     While Danny went full outdoorsman on his bedroll in the garden, Foy, Privett and JP snuggled up in the trailer together, but regardless, no one was safe from the turkey call. Finally, with the hot summer sun beating down on them, everyone reluctantly got up and headed to the house. The first order of business was a jump in the pool where everyone was promptly greeted by a little hair of the dog courtesy of Valerie in the form of cold Tecates. Smith, however, seemingly immune to the noise of the turkey call continued to slumber away on the couch, never to been seen by the crew again.

Z-boy getting after it

     Once flips were done in the pool and hangovers alleviated by the Tecates, we headed towards the Ukiah Skatepark after a brief pit stop at the local taco truck. The roach coach burritos went down smooth chased by some gatorades from the store across the street and soon enough we were barreling towards the park, eager to see what it had to offer. All the guys from Adam’s the night before were there already and the session was just as hot as the 100 plus degree heat that Mendo has to in mid July.

Caprie tryn to beat the heat.

Taj already ripping bowls

JoJo with weirdo skateboards showing the kids how its done. 

JoJo was killing all day


     Regardless of the temperature, the park was a must hit for anyone in Nor Cal. Good all around street section, awesome bowl with pool coping a plenty and a super fun little pool. The Skidmark and Wierdo guys got after it as did the rest of the Ukiah locals at the spot, sparking everyone else there to go for it. The kids, Zion and Taj, skated non-stop, completely oblivious to the heat, just stoked to skate. It was inspiring, albeit from our spot in the shade, but capping off our Ukiah experience at the park really made it a stop to remember.

Lance snaps a frontside air for chris (skidmarkskatemag)

Frontside D

Freedom shop rider frontside lip on the extension.

     We left the park, headed back to the Capri compound for to quick jump in the pool, roll around on the his ramp one last time and pack up the trailer headed towards the bay. With the trailer packed up, we said goodbye to the Capri’s and reluctantly left their compound of awesome. We all could have stayed longer, but such is the way of the road and we had places to be.

Jojo Backside air Foymon getting the shot.

     A quick two hour charge down the 101 had us back in The Bay, familiar territory for everyone in the truck. After a quick pit stop in Oakland to stash the trailer in fear of SF parking and its general lack of any worthwhile qualities by this point, we pointed it across the Bay Bridge and into North Beach, home of the Heckler office/apartment and our home base for the next few days. We all unloaded our essentials, parked the truck and headed inside to rest our heads for what the Frisco and the greater Bay Area had to offer us for the next few days, one more day successfully checked off.

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