Waking up on the couch at the Heckler spot in North Beach was a nice change from the Wal-Mart parking lot and random campsites of the week before.

Warm showers were close by, and speaking for everyone, they were much needed. Save for the showers and a little lounge time on the couch, we were still on the struggle and couldn’t waste too much time enjoying our newfound luxury. Our 9th day was to be a big one with a couple shops to visit, a few parks to rip and a couple hundred miles to toss onto the old odometer.

View from our roof in North Beach.

      The abbreviated crew of Foy, Privett and Dcon left JP in the city to get some work done and headed straight out of town to the Napa Skatepark, a relic of the skateparks of yesteryear and Dan’s old stomping grounds. As the fog burned off, the boys rolled around amazed that a park built in the 90’s could have so much more in common with those of the 70’s. Outdated design be damned, everyone ripped around and had fun, especially after figuring out some of the lines that Dan remembered from his youth. Obviously not the best or most mind blowing parks of the trip, truth be told it was really on the opposite end of the spectrum, but in the end it’s still skating and everyone had a good time.

We were probabley the only people to skate this park that day..

      We all left the park and headed up to Napa’s Boardgarden to say what’s up to Kevin and the crew there who have been keeping the Napa skate scene alive for close to twenty years. They hooked us up with an awesome PBR inspired Boardgarden cruiser board, we said our goodbyes and headed to fuel up on some burritos with Dan’s Dad and sister before heading up to St.Helena to skate one of the best parks in California.

      Tucked up behind the High School and surrounded by parks and vineyards, St. Helena’s skatepark is as good as it gets. Built by the Dreamland guys from Oregon, it’s got one the the best bowls you’ll ever skate and the entire outside of it flows like a racetrack. Hot laps around the outside will get you warmed up and amped to test out the deeper waters of the middle, but regardless of where and what you want to skate, this park will not disappoint. Everyone got their licks and spills in, thats just the name of the game, and sore, but not defeated to bid farewell to St.Helena and headed over the hill towards Santa Rosa.

Some locals shred St. Helena

Dcon with a nice 5-0 stall on the pool coping .

Dcon wearing the infamous A hole helmet. 

      The Santa Rosa park is one of a kind. A pure 70’s park, actually built in the 70’s this time, that has stood the test of time and is just as fun today as it was forty years ago. The park bred TNT and has been host to many a heated session thanks to the endless hips, gaps, rounded lips and transfers the aging snake run has to offer. The just don’t build them like they used to, and if they tried they would probably fuck it up, so we were all stoked to take a step back in time and rip around the tight, swirling curves of Santa Rosa. The park is a must hit if you are in the area, both for a little history lesson and a days worth of fun.

We skate just long enough for Dcon to get this sweeper than bounced.


      From Santa Rosa we pointed the truck back into the wine country towards Sonoma, home of SOS, or Sonoma Old School skateshop, which we heard about from the owner Rob earlier in the day when he was stopping through Boardgarden. An unscheduled stop, but one of the best, Rob and his crew had cold beers waiting for us and a ramp ready to get ripped in the back. We checked out the store, got a little history about the shop and the area from Rob and his employees Chris and Emily. After a couple more beers we headed out back and shredded the mini till dark with Chris and locals Rick and Josh. SOS has a cool laid back community vibe that we were stoked on and as always, any shop with something skateable is always a favorite. Thanks Rob, Chris and Emily for the beers and good times, hope to see you all again soon.

OldSchool shop rider Rick sending one for the crew..

      After SOS, we caught the last light at the Sonoma park and then headed back over the Golden Gate and into SF. Ready to take on a city that never sleeps, we fueled up on some pizza and more beer, headed down the street to bar hop for a bit and then turned it back into the apartment to rest up for another day on the road.

Empty sunset sesh at the Sonoma skatepark


Photos: Foy


If your in Napa or Sonoma make sure to stop by The Boardgarden skateshop and Sonoma Old School For all your skateboard needs.

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