…the deceptively simple title, seems at first like something you‘d hear yelled out by a close knit group of friends on the hill… but it’s actually the phonetic spelling of débrouiller, a French word meaning “to sort out” ..and more specifically “from the shit”. 


 (left to right) Colin Frangicetto, Carlos Agrillo, Drew Roulette

(left to right) Art by: Carlos Agrillo, Colin Frangicetto, Drew Roulette

The brainchild of Colin Frangicetto, an emerging artist you may more easily recognize as being a guitarist for (and founding member of) the band Circa Survive, débrouiller is a fitting name for a show comprised of three up and coming artists who have used the creation of art and the desire to follow that passion more seriously not only for financial means, but mainly as a way to sort out deeper meaning and clarity from the shit called daily life.  Colin shares the stage, so to speak, with fellow musician, Drew Roulette (of the bands Dredg and more recently Dark Heavens), and Carlos Agrillo. Each of the artists gave out free postcard size prints to those who came, and much like the artists themselves, the mood was relaxed and inviting.  I was very excited to get to chat with the three artists before and during the opening night of DAY*BROO*YAY at Empire Seven Studios in San Jose, CA.

   Open for 3 years now, E7S is an independent and underground venue that started off as co-owner Juan Carlos Arango‘s own personal studio space.  He started showcasing friend’s work and it grew from there.  Beau Roulette, Drew’s brother, is an established artist who has been featured here as well.  The space includes a gallery, a dark room for traditional B&W photography, and friend to the studio, Nick Dalton, is in the process of adding an adjacent music studio.  Encompassing all facets of artistic expression, Empire Seven Studios is a venue to take notice of.  A big thank you to Carlos and Jennifer for being so very warm and welcoming.  With the plethora of artistic talent surrounding this place, I see great things coming their way. Empiresevenstudios.com

Check out the full interviews here

Colin Frangicetto

Drew Roulette

Carlos Agrillo

Check out the super sweet video by Matt Cross (dude with the camera at the bottom of this page) of the artists of DAY~BROO~YAY including a time lapse of the show’s opening




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