The Downtown Throwdown rolled into a town that has been on what has seemed to be a month-long bender. Fleetweek, America’s Cup, The Dew Tour, and most notably, the Giants winning the World Series, San Francisco has been going off. The Downtown Throwdown added to the excitement as some of the best rail shredders in the game gathered at the Civic Center to celebrate the art of dropping hammers.

Sammy Luebke with the Civic Center in the background.

The day got off to a little bit of a late start as the crowd definitely took its time to muster up. Once the beats started dropping, the riders started their endless assault on a trio of rails put together by Krush Kulesza and his Snowboy Productions. The menu for the day was a down-flat-down box, an a-frame bar, and up bar to donkey dick.


Krush with the Instagram Alerts


Guest judges Sean Genovese, Bode Merrill, and Forest Bailey had their work cut out for them because the pool of riders included Andrew Brewer, Ryan Paul, Zak Hale, Dylan Thompson, Brandon Hobush, Nial Romanek, Johnny Brady and more.


Sean Black – style for miles

Shred celebrities Jesse Burtner and Preston Strout manned the mic to help the eclectic crowd understand the complex trick variations that were being thrown. Sick Crocs bro


When all was said and done, the JEDI, Nial Romanek walked away with top honors. It’s been a longtime coming for him to win a big comp. He’s definitely one of the top rail riders in Lake Tahoe.


Nial Romanek stoked


Here are your winners

1st Place – Nial Romanek; $6000

2nd Place – Brandon Hobush; $3000

3rd Place – Dylan Thompson; $2000

4th Place – Ted Borland; $1000

5th Place – Andrew Brewer; $500

Bode Merrill’s Bakers Dozen Award – Johnny Brady; 13 Cosmo Shots

Monster Moment Best Trick Award- Brendan Gerard; $500 FS 180 switch 50-50 half-cab out on the pole-jam

To see more pics, they had the crowd hashing their faces off on Instagram. Click here to see all the #dttd madness

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