Dredg, for those of you who are not familiar, is a hard hitting yet ambient band from Los Gatos, CA.  Singer, Gavin Hayes and guitarist, Mark Engles were kind enough to sit and chat with me for a minute before their show at Ace of Spades earlier this month in Sacramento, CA to share some laughs and the latest news on Dredg. The band was taking a short, mainly California tour to showcase their album, Catch Without Arms. All twelve solid tracks of which, I believe, best show the enormous talent residing in all four band members.  From Dino’s amazing percussionary feat of simultaneous drumming and piano playing of “Bug Eyes” and “Sang Real”, Gavin’s soul scratching screams of “Tanbark Is Hot Lava” as well as intriguing and thought provoking lyrics throughout, Mark’s wide range of shredding and hypnotic accents via “Jamais Vu”, to Drew’s layering and catchy bass riffs as heard in “Zebraskin”.

A response to the extremely experimental and ambient preceding album, El Cielo, Catch Without Arms continues it’s solid statement throughout. High energy, perfectly layered sound of “Ode To The Sun” at the start, and concluding with my personal favorite, “The Ornament”. Both beautiful and dark, it is the perfect blend of airy and heavy sounds to capture the bittersweet reality of life. One of those songs that tugs at your soul and makes you take a second to take it all in, both the good and the bad.

Check out the interview below and see what they had to say. Don’t forget to check out their ohh-so-addicting music… trust me, it wont disappoint.

(video by Jonathan Kleinpass)


(photos by Tina Barnes)




For more on dredg, check out their website or “like” them here on Facebook

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