Have you ever wished someone would just cut your snowboard in half so you can finally dial in those spread eagles and daffy’s like you’ve always dreamed of? YEAH US NEITHER but someone felt so inclined to do so and came out with this amazing product claiming they are still snowboards somehow. Well if you thought the snowbladers you used to clown on were the only rollerblader kooks of the mountain you better keep that vibe alive cuz these Bros can nut themselves too. You can finally spread wide, tweak, and grab your foot like a total boss all while attemping not to die on features like the slayers in these videos and pictures. I ran into a guy at Squaw a few years ago testing this invention out and he claimed they were better than snowboards because you can generate speed by shuffling your feet back and forth in the flats to avoid getting stuck therefor you get going while your bros are stuck unstrapping. So never unstrap again, never ride powder again, and you can finally claim that epic unnatural 1260 Lui Kangol grab that you just invented.



Wear your cups kids!


Adam “A-Dawg” Goren Team rider for dual snowboards


🙂 You too can look like a gangster with a lunchtray on each foot! 🙂

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