Earl Stevens aka E-40 Born in 1967 from Vallejo, CA has a pretty impressive resume. With 10 albums under his belt and appearances on a gang of other rap albums Forty Fonzarelli made it big in 2006 with his single “Tell Me When to Go” produced by Lil John.

Most of the time when you have a big name act arriving in Lake Tahoe, you hope for a great show but leave disappointed at best, but E-40 and the Cal-Neva resort surprised us. After having a much needed cocktail Foy and I headed over to Cal Neva for the show. Once in the Cal Neva we met up with some of the other HECKLER staff… Anticipation was high to see this legend of hip hop in the flesh.  

I don’t know about you but I hate waiting in lines, Luckily JP’s friend Aimi Xistra-Rich knew the promoter and got us our tickets NBD.  Straight to the bar we went, and on to the Frank Sinatra showroom. The opening acts from the bay area and Nevada were interesting to say the least. I didn’t know you could fit thirty people on one small stage, but the crowd loved it. There were die hard hip hop fans from everywhere, Reno, Tahoe, Sacramento, and the Bay Area who filled the ballroom. 

FOY- I was minding my own setting up my camera at one of the Frank Sinatra VIP tables when this huge steroid taking drunk guy comes up and says…

DG- “I don’t know if your VIP but you see that Frank Sinatra table right there? That’s my Table… 

FOY- “Ummm OK… I understand that but I’m just setting up my camera and will only be a couple more minutes…

DG- ” I respect that but i bought this table for me and my girls and you need to get the fuck out!”

I only saw one girl in a group and she must of ate the others…

FOY- “Ok guy..  I respect that..” so I finished with my shit and laughed in his face walking away.

As we head bobbed through the crowd, I was impressed at the fan base in the main room. Being that I am from the East Bay Area and grew up listening to E-40, I was surprised to see 17-19 year old kids in the show, but whatever its fuckin’ E-40, this guy is a hip hop legend. After bouncing around the room, grabbing a cocktail and doing the rounds with friends, came the big moment. E-40 took the stage and the crowd went wild, money was tossed out, bitches be dancing on stage, smoke filled the room and BAM, the show had started.  

I was surprised to see Brother Lynch Hung come up on stage close to the end of E-40s set.

All awhile Foy fought for the best photos he could take, I roamed the floor and met up with the HECKLER staff,  we went ahead and threw back some whiskey shots and cocktails, got down with E-Fizzle, or Charlie Hustle, whatever you want to call E-40. Straight outta Vallejo, California, he impressed me with songs like “White Gurl”, “Tell me when to go”, “Function “, and always a favorite “Sprinkle me”. His iconic voice mixed with the beer and whiskey turned this show into one of the better hip hop shows I have seen here on the north shore in a long time. E-40 still has it and killed it. The crowd may have been young but as the Bay Area’s hip hop ambassador, E-40 didn’t disappoint. If you like E-40, then check out his 15th studio album and newest release.

The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 1,2,3 or check out his websites:  

Big thanks goes out to Billy from Lateniteproductions.com and his crew for putting on yet another banger show. Check out their site for up n coming shows.. 


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