The El Bowlrrito is a good excuse for some to come up to Tahoe, locals to get off their couches and for everyone to welcome summer in after the snow and rain of winter. So sit back and enjoy our lil recap of the day.

Check out the photos and full story in Heckler Magazine 2.4, just click the link below

Cinematography- Jonn Goggin, Jalin Arimond, & Dakota Whitaker
Edited By- Jonn Goggin
Produced By- Heckler Media Inc
Skaters- Blake Swain, Dave Burright, Tyler Lynch, Demarcus James, Gavin Bottger, Matt Moose, John Worthington, Zack Lewis, Chris”Ratface”Jatoft, Griffin Clingman & many other rippers

Music- Bad Brains
intro/ i against i (remix)
i against i
1986 SST Records
Link to the song-
Heckler Media Inc.

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