When the weather warms up and all the resorts are closed for the season, its time for two of the best things in the world…Summer and skateboarding!  Since we all spend over half the year layered up and playing around in the snow, this changing of the boards (as well as the seasons) is a great way to keep things fresh, fun, and exciting.  It all starts with that first day back.  This year for our inaugural session, it was raining outside so we decided to fill up the car with myself, Nial Romanek, Killer Panda, Dylan Bonnie, and Dakota Whitaker and head down to Epic Skatepark in Rocklin, CA.  If you’ve never been to Epic Skatepark, then ill just say that this place definitely lives up to its name.  It honestly has almost anything and everything you could want to skate.  The Team Pain designed park boasts massive street sections built with creativity and flow, coupled with one of the biggest and most fun mini ramps and kidney bowls found anywhere in Northern, CA.  The result is by far the best indoor skatepark i’ve ever been to, and a place where after four hours of skating (and some good falls) we still hadn’t taken all the available lines.  First day back was a great success, and having so many areas and things to shred really helped us get our skate legs back.  We had a blast and its awesome knowing that we have so much skating in front of us as the summer progresses.  I would highly encourage everyone to go check out Epic (They have air conditioning!) and tell em Heckler sent you.  You wont be sorry! 


Epic Skate Sesh 

A big thanks goes out to Keith and the staff at Epic for letting us skate! 

For more go check out their official website: Epic Skatepark 

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