Conan would ride this board (The Forum Destroyer)

The Board:  Forum Destroyer DoubleDog 

Available Sizes:  148, 152, 154, 154W, 156, 156W, 158, 158W


Shape: Twin Tip – DoubleDog technology features cambered sections under the feet and rocker between the bindings. 


Groomers:  This board can successfully make you do full circles on the hill. Fact. The camber sections between the feet really help keep everything stable and keep you making sharp and agile turns on all types of groomed runs, while the rocker sections between the feet keeps everything catch free. 

High Speed:   Bombing steep runs on this board is no problem. Incredibly stabile and agile at the higher speeds, I found none of the typical edge-catchiness normal camber can be associated with. I still have yet to bomb a steep enough run to really get any chatter going with this thing, hopefully soon. 

Ice:   Well, what we would call icy in Tahoe anyway. Surprisingly good edge hold and stability while making turns on the slippery stuff. Those camber sections come in very, very handy here. 

Powder:   If you find any right now, give us a call! 

Airtime:   The flex can take a couple tries to get used to as it can be super poppy off the lip. However, once you get a couple runs in you realize you can make use of this pop and BOOST off jumps. Im not kidding. Im also backing the tweakability of this board as well. Methods have never been more fun!

Rails:  This deck was made for rails. From your carpet to the park this thing loves locking in perfect nose and tail presses, and the camber sections help keep everything in check. The doubledog serves great for tracking into rails and other features, and this board really has a great skate feel to it. Popping in and out of tricks was very easy and enjoyable. 

Ollies over fallen skiers and slow signs:  No problem. You could probably even ollie over a Gary Coleman cutout. (RIP) 



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