It could not have been a nicer day to celebrate the 2nd Annual Good Vibrations skateboarding contest on Saturday August 28th, 2012.

       The intention of the contest was to give back to the Auburn, CA skate community at the local skatepark and see the locals uplift and elevate each others talents as they skated together, rather than compete against each other. This skate jam was put on by the Auburn Skateboard Community for the skate community.

      We started out with an opening gathering and prayer to go over the contest order as well as set the mood for the contest and to honor all our friends that have passed since last year. The whole contest was set up as a jam session with 5 minute heats, 5 skaters each with one final round on each of the 4 obstacles chosen to skate. 20 skaters with a variety of skills and styles  to add done flavor to the contest.

      Lucas Carducci won the ledge, John Worthington won the kink rail, Ben Cathcart killed the bowl section, and Atlee Gillette destroyed the pyramid-berm-flatground section. All the winners from each section advanced to the  final 20 minute jam session in the whole park along with 3 wild card selections: Bruce Bast, Aaron Sanchez, and Dylan Escoto. The winner of the final overall jam session was democratically decided by the rest of the participants.  Bruce Bast  was the OVERALL winner placed first with $150, Academy snowboard deck, Think skate deck, Capix pads, $30 Frontside Café gift certificate and Heckler t-shirt. Ben Cathcart placed second getting a Nixon watch, skate deck, etc. John Worthington placed third, Lucas Carducci fourth and Aaron Sanchez placed fifth.  Everybody who competed in the contest voted for the overall winner so it was a true people’s democracy at work.

Ben Cathcart with a nice lofty frontside air.

L to R: Bruce Bast, Ben Cathcart and John Worthington 

      Every participant received some prize that was generously donated for the cause by our sponsors: Heckler magazine, Nixon, Capix, Neff, Academy Snowboards, Boards N Motion boardshop, Groundzero boardshop, and Frontside Café. We didn’t only award prizes to the winners and who skated the hardest, but also to who had the best attitude and stoking everyone else out the most. Nick Meschi, who custom designed and painted the first place trophy out of old and broken decks, earned himself the best attitude once again for good positivity. We also gave awards for hardest slam to Douglas Webster, Rohni Nelson and Ben Wallis. Hand plant award went to none other than bowl shredder Ben Cathcart. Ben Wallis killed it on every obstacle earning himself the best overall skater award.

lots of prizes…

Hi my name is Ben Wallis and I like Front Rocks.

3rd place over all John Worthington making it look way to easy.

1st place over all winner Bruce Bast doing what he does best.

4th place over all Lucas Carducci with a proper back Tail.

      The beauty of this contest was that it was organized  and put on entirely by the locals  to help benefit their skate community. One vision turned into a sustainable concrete reality. You check out more photos at  “The Good Vibrations Skate Contest” on Facebook.  Much love and positive vibrations and we hope to see you next year.

Photos By: Archie Warren

Words By:  Nelson Hawkins

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