Disclaimer:  Gremlin Gamez is on 420, and 420 is like Christmas for stoners.  Needless to say, I was a bit too busy having fun and getting loose to take many (any) photos.  Whoops.  Thanks to a bunch of homies and Instagram though, we still have ya covered!

This year on the holiest of holidays, a gigantic pack of Gremlinz descended on ASI in Tahoe to throw the second annual, huge end-of-the-season/420 party known as Gremlin Gamez.  With all kinds of different features including an 18ft. down bar, rope swing, demolished car, and trampoline wallride set up, there was definitely something for everyone to ride and sessions went off all day long.  The end of the day even consisted of a bunch of us hiking up to the summit, where we enjoyed 4:20 and then got some HOT pow party runs (I ragdolled 3 times. No big deal.)  Anyway, I won’t bore you with a massive description of the event and what happened (mostly because I had too much fun to remember), but the entire day was filled with good vibes, tons of doobies/beer, and snowboarding with lots of friends.  It was a huge success and well over 100 people came out to have a great time, enjoy the sun, and shred with everyone.  Much love to GBP and all the Gremlinz who made this event possible, I can’t wait for next year!!

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