“ Gremlin Gamez is so dope to me. Its just so dope to see everyone from homies to strangers, come out and enjoy the day with each other. It’s one of my favorite days of the year! It’s just homie shit all day” MIGGS GBP
With the snowfall that Tahoe received this year we knew the Gremlinz Games VOL7 would go off. Every year the pack, gets together whether there’s no snow or 40ft of snow to create a very special event. Usually reserved for the Ganjah holiday 4/20 this DYI event goes up in SMOKE!  The Games are straight up pure FIRE and once again the Gremlinz posse did not disappoint this year.
The only rules are be cool, be respectful- and come correct with the shred (skiers were ripping too). Miggs and crew must spend a week rolling spiffs and building the features and unfortunately the weather wasn’t cooperating on 4/20 so they moved to 4/21. The day could not have been any better. Perfect Tahoe spring weather, the features were on point and a good amount of people showed up to just have a great time. Everyone was ripping, the vibes were lifted and DJ TerryMane was keeping it trappy.
The Internet and Instagram pics would go into lengths to tell who the stand outs were, but dang there were too many kick ass moments to just pick out one or two. Check the photos and the edits, and you will definitely put this event on your calendar for next year. HUGE THANKS to GBP Productions/ JSLV, the Gremlinz crew for building a kick ass course and everyone that came out to support DYI snowboarding/skiing.
Y’all are such badasses!! – IJV

Photos By IJV & Sampson

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