Last weekend in Mammoth was the Grenade Games in case you haven’t been on Vine, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Friendster, etc…Shit, I even saw some of the ‘stolen’ vip passes on ebay and craigslist for a hot minute. Our crew decided to take the epic 3 hour journey down the 395, not because we were on assignment from our bosses from some beach town, but because we wanted to shred, party, and link up with our friends.


Friday night started off with a pre-party at a spot that only served wine and beer. Yeah, that didn’t last long. The entire crowd ended up making their way to everyone’s favorite place to hate, The Underground. Friday night should have been called BroStock, but the fun definitely lasted until the wee hours of the morning, making Saturday something worth waking up and getting to.


Lemi from getting down with some Tahoe ladies Vanessa, Jessica & KC Friday night at The Underground.



Upon arriving to the hill, it was apparent that we weren’t there to do any serious coverage. EVERY magazine from snowboarding was there times three, and since photographers like Huggy, Nick Hamilton, Tim Peare, Rob Mathis, Sean Kerrick Sullivan, and Kyle Beckman were hanging, all who are way more talented than myself, I decided to go shred, apres, and enjoy the vibe for the most part.



Transworld, Snowboarder, Snowboard

12 pro photogs, 1 baby jump. Tim Peare taking a selfie because he’s a G, Binky was too busy namedropping, and JP is shooting pics with his cellphone. Huggy was shooting while selfieing. Not too sure what Kyle Beckman and Sean Kerrick Sullivan are doing though..



Lane Knaack is a true G.



Gray Thompson claims the first gondola-grab method of all time!!!



Niko Cioffi sends a proper method while Binky works on perfecting the art of no-look photography.



Saturday was super fun to experience. Literally the entire mountain was operating with a hangover. There were the obvious things that went down: Badass snowboarding, Monster Energy hoochies parading around in miniskirts, the Dingo being loud and obnoxious, a John Travolta in “Grease” impersonator, and tons of fun in the sun.


Oh whaaat??? Heckler bringing you double-hoochie vision! (trademark and patent pending of course)  Maxwell laces the honeys with some action.



Zander Blackmon and Will Bateman were slaying it all afternoon.



Heckler staff member Dave Abarta aint no joke.



Lane Knaack killed all day. So much style.



Scott Blum planting one on em. Props to the dude’s filmer mega-stance: Photo: Kyle McCoy



Johnny Lazz loves snowboarding. A LOT.



You know the babes of were there supportin they mens.



Vanessa and Sampson from Heckler stopped to pose with the legendary Miss Hana Beaman and South Lake Shredder Joanna Dzierzawski.



If you holler at these types of events, they don’t let you into their parties. Just ask Sponzo, Messier and Fletch.



The JLA tribute was AWESOME! So was NOFX.



Danny Kass proudly overlooking the crowd he created.



So we glitterbombed him in the face. Thanks for the great event Danny! You the man!



Later that night we received word that some meathead stole a ton of VIP wristbands and Lift tickets, and that our once special red wristbands that we had now meant absolutely shit. We were all stoked to see Lil Jon and the Game perform that night, but were shut down because of whatever reason. So in true Tahoe fashion, we made the best of it. Wolfed down some Pita Pit for the 5th or 6th time, head over to Laku Nuki, and danced our faces off. It was super fun to boogie with the whole Gremlinz crew, and everyone else who wasn’t cool enough to get into the ultra exclusive Joey-fest that was happening a few doors down.


Sunday was a blur. We all rolled out of bed feeling like we had been hit by a semi-truck. Once we realized our 2 day tickets had been voided, we decided we would take our happy asses to the hot-springs and head on home. All in all, the Grenade Games were awesome! Mammoth Mountain and Danny Kass should get a ton of credit for pumping as much effort into keeping this tradtion alive, because its all about fun. Next year, instead of having The Game take selfies at the top of the mountain, have him and his entourage be in charge of the tickets and passes. I think they would do a helluva job…


The road to the hot springs was a bumpy one, but we made sure to secure our beverages. Tom pelly with some MacGuyver type shit.



Why selfie when you can have a babe in a bikini do it for you? YOLO


Until next year…






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