With the recent passing of GWAR’s legendary frontman Dave Brockie, and the subsequent departure of his character Oderus Urungus to outer space, the future of their amazingly bloody live show seemed like it could be up in the air. Rest assured, the Scumdogs Of The Universe haven’t missed a step. The show was dedicated to Oderus and the band spent the span of the show trying to lure him back to Earth. Blothar took over the lead role, clad in antlers, fur and a shield, as any interplanetary warrior should be. He also had udders, or as he called them, a bag of dicks. He wasn’t alone in front though, as there was a constant battle within the band as to who should take over Urungus’s role and who could succeed in bringing Oderus back. They even temped him with his favorite, a giant crack rock, but ended up smoking it themselves. In the end, they were able to retrieve his dick, the Cuttlefish Of Cthulhu, because he probably mistook the interplanetary portal for a glory hole. Beyond the storyline, the band raged for over an hour, drenching the crowd in the now famous blood, slime, jizz and goo; much to everyones delight. Heads rolled, blood was spilled, tits and udders spewed and the show went on. Oderus absence was definitely felt, but his legacy lives on with GWAR. Who knows…. Maybe they’ll be able to get him back from space one day, his dick is already here.

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