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What better night than Easter Sunday to head to a small club and bang your head to some high quality rock n roll? NONE! This year Josh Lease at Borndead Productions was lucky enough to wrangle together bands Space Vacation, The Risin Sun, Mothership and Gypsyhawk on Zombie Jesus Day in South Lake Tahoe at Whiskey Dicks. The hardcore came out in droves and no one who showed up left disappointed. First up was Space Vacation from San Francisco.


Howling at the moon.

With smooth, melodic metal that would sound right at home in 1984 in the best way possible, Space Vacation pulled the early birds from the bar to the stage by the end of the first song. In classic form, Space Vacation tore through head banging riffs, ripping solos, and most importantly, they weren’t afraid to SING! A perfect blast from the past, Space Vacation could be equally at home in an 80’s basement party or a sold out arena.


Custom Space Vacation jean jacket.

bassist Jay Shapiro bring the crowed to front stage.


After a short break, our brothers from South of the Border, The Risin Sun, took to the stage. In the van all the way from Mexico City, The Risin Sun played an awesome set of pure 60’s psychedelic rock. Just like Space Vacations trip back to the 80’s, The Risin Sun dressed the part and make Whiskey Dick’s feel like a time warp back to the easy days. With backing by Wayne Kramer of MC5 and tour dates all across the US and Mexico, they are making a splash quick and their live act proves it.


 Known only as EasyFingers Ditziie getting his groove on.

Jerry Capone – Bass and Alex Weber – Drums bring it all together.


I hadn’t heard of Mothership before this night, but to me, they no longer need an introduction. Standing at the bar waiting for my beer, I glanced at the stage only to see three shirtless, tattooed and bearded barbarians about to turn it up to 11. Beer in hand and tip on the bar, I made my way to front and center to take in what was to be my favorite act of the night. Brothers and frontmen Kyle and Kelley Juett came out shredding on bass and guitar respectively; and, backed by Judge Smith on the skins, the trio didn’t slow down until the lights dimmed. With obvious Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and UFO influences, the rockers from Dallas, TX paid homage to the greats and took it to the next level at the same time. Their thick, heavy blues laden rock and roll was the perfect soundtrack to the dim, beer soaked floors and walls of Whiskey Dick’s and their on stage energy kept it going, the perfect segue for the frontliners: Gypsyhawk.


Mothership – Melting faces since 2010

Kells Juett shredding

Brother Kyle Juett throwing out some rhythm.


It was past midnight when Gypsyhawk finally lumbered up onto the stage and anticipation had been building with each preceding act. The self proclaimed “four metal dudes playing rock and roll and bringing the party every time they get on stage,” according to guitarist Andrew Packer, did just that. Playing solid, loud, goodtime rock and and roll, Gypsyhawk fully brought the party and everyone in the room was partying and banging their heads along with the solid grooves. With a solid film of beer on the floor, walls and in the beards, stomachs and mouth of everyone in attendance, Gypsyhawk triumphantly exited stage left and out into the parking lot leaving South Lake drunk, sweaty and thirsty for more!


Gypsyhawk not disapointing.

Lance making with the mad alchemy.

Classic shred face.

Getting some.


Huge thanks to Space Vacation, The Risin Sun, Mothership and Gypsyhawk for rocking with us, Josh Lease at Borndead Productions for organizing the show and Whiskey Dick’s for being an awesome bar and venue. Tequilla Tonight, Tomorrow We Ride!

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