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With the lack of snow in Tahoe this year the Heckler crew decided it was time for a road trip. We embarked on our Denver SIA 2012 journey at about 9pm on Monday night in our last minute score of a 31ft double pop out RV, everyone was beyond stoked to say the least. We blasted into the first night with games and cocktails all around. JP took the first wee hours brutal shift into Utah for us to arrive at The Canyons resort at around 6:30 am. We parked with not a car in sight only to awake to a beyond boxed in by every Utard car around situation and all are only a few feet away from our massive breadbox.  After a quick wax job, muffin and Red Bull we squeezed out and off to ride the first dry pow of the season. The Canyons has so much to offer it was overwhelming. We went straight for the 99’s zone. It was the furthest back peak offering sick steep terrain and pow for all to play on. We immediately hiked out the ridge to the lookers right only to find some sick dry Utah pow for all to get in the white room. After a few laps up there we took a break then explored around the Park which had offerings of all kinds with creative jibs, jams and jumps all over. The Mountain and snow were amazing making it an awesome first of many soon to come. After a slick maneuver out of that Utarded spot by Sampson our main vein Bus Driver we were off to the SLC airport to swoop Kiira and some last minute stops in the city for supplies. (not party supplies in Utah, we brought those from Reno where the alchy is real)

We drove off into the night that afternoon to Cheyanne, Wyoming RV park bound. A quick pit stop at the Cowboy Cafe just off I-80 was a definite must. It reminded me of home personally. You walk in and it is sketchy cowtown looking to the max. The employees are all huddled around a booth with about 5 other local looking hicks all wearing real-tree camo with hats matching shirts and shit kicks to finish. Most of us did the mandatory special, the Chicken Fried steak sandwich with mash potatoes and gravy with a quick spot of coffee and we were off with a night of manning the wheel ahead and not feeling so light bellied. The wind across the flats in WY is no joke. With huge caution signs for 55mph wind and miles of nothing anywhere but probably some freezing ass cold attempting to sleep antelope in the flats we swayed our way into Cheyanne doing the 4ft swerve all the way into town. After the long cold night and freezing temps of WY in an RV park we awoke at the spot where some of us opted for a nice shower and T-shirt for a towel to dry scene then were off to Denver bright and early stoked to get to a real towel, bed and hotel room. The wind on the way from Cheyanne to Denver was even sketchier than the night before and with everyone awake made for an even more uncomfortable ride. With everyone’s weight on the wrong side of the RV it felt like it was at a tipping point constantly and was testing the suspension and anti-aerodynamics of that beast most of the way with Foy at the helm pushing 70 wishing he was on his sled. Finally we arrived in Denver that afternoon after everyone rolled in buzzed and almost puking from the round the horn mandatory shots of warm Vodka being shoved down our throats.

Welcome to Denver. The Embassy suites have an amazing Happy Hour which I would recommend to anyone in need of a legit hotel. One time and old bird of a man told me I should probably grow up when I couldn’t get up the elevator with out a room key. So he might be there if you ever go cuz I bet he lives at that place. Now it was time to rage more than we needed but also to see many great new and old friends for the show. The show was epic and flew by in a big blur of amazing faces, sick new products, booze, bikinis and lots more. The fight night was badass and Raekwon killed it. The Shag bar will always be epic and a personal favorite. Especially when Foy gets wasted and has to dance on the stripper pole for losing at a pool game nearby. Also check out the Magic Mushroom pizza joint not far from the convention center if in need of some seriously legit pie, trivia, and some unreal infused alcohol.

We got outta Denver after the Fight Night with Raekwon and a general consensus said screw the X Games, the cold and standing around watching people shred so we lined up Park City to ride the next day instead. After another day of driving through Colorado’s windy canyons we arrived at another RV park for the night in Park City. I awoke to a freezingly frigid RV because the propane ran out in the middle of the night and everyone froze their asses off. A few rose with a nice hot shower and t-shirt/towel for the second time. We then managed to get out to a nice much needed breakfast with snazzy over-furr’d people all around for the Sundance film fest going on. Then a quick kiss to the RV’s bumper at a too tight gas station and we were off to shred our last day. Park City was fun with some nice tight tree lines with shallow conditions but fresh tree turns and icy park jump laps. We jetted out of PC Reno bound into the night. Just after the Nevada border we stopped for a much needed Real booze stop for the drive home. I would NOT recommend anyone ever drinking Ouzo after JP forced that down most of the awake peeps throats for the ride home. We arrived in Reno at about 3am beyond exhausted and the need to get outta the RV and into our own beds. One last stop for a 4am Awful Awful burger and home was the destination.

Denver we love you but screw off til next year!


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