Theres something to be said about someone who throws a birthday party for himself. Theres even more to be said when the party includes two bars, a shot luge, DJ, full dance floor and photobooth. This event was none other than Heckler’s own Bryan Sampson’s Tropical Explosion and the only thing I heard anyone saying throughout the night was “Fuck Yeah! Party!”

The tropical theme beckoned all to arrive in style in full costume, which for some meant all-out beach attire while others took the rasta, Miami Vice and hippy route. Hell, one idiot even tried to pull off the “Tropic Thunder” look with varying success; most people just stared dumbfounded wondering where the reject from Duck Dynasty came from.

We all know we don’t need a reason to party, and more than likely, most of us need a reason not too. As can be expected, the heavy hitters and heavy drinkers of Tahoe came out in droves to Garwoods Bar and Grill on the shore of North Lake Tahoe to take advantage of the drink specials, dance floor and to congratulate Sampson on surviving one more year in the mountains.

Brian Neri learned that you don’t ask drunk people to buy you shots. You end up with warm Gin from the well with a cherry in it…


We’ll let the pictures do the talking as the shot luge, two bars, dance floor and other festivities got the best of us. Just about everyone got drunk, some even got leid, and you can make your own assumptions about the rest. Big thanks to everyone for who made it out and a huge thank you Sampson for having the balls and the drive to throw another awesome party for yourself…. and hundred or so of your best friends!! If you missed it, you blew it, thats all I can say. Can’t wait till next year!

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