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Hop on the Vista lift and cruise through Pinball on any given day, and there’s a good chance you’ll see someone riding in a Frank Gore jersey, headphones in, holding a Go-Pro by himself, and absolutely slaying each feature. Whether he’s ripping steep lines at Squaw or standing on the podium like he did at the past two Mountain Dew Butterbox Rail Jams, it doesn’t matter. A well rounded rider with no hesitations about sending it big with a laid-back style, Evan Stagnaro makes watching snowboarding fun.

So easy things first. How old are you and where are you from originally?

I’m 24 and I grew up in upstate New York in a town called Hamilton.

How’d you start snowboarding?

I started skiing when I was 2 and did that until I was 12, so I’ve been on snow for most of my life. I had two friends, Brian and Brennan took me when I was 12 and I’ve been on a board ever since. I pretty much knew then it was what I wanted to do, since there was nothing else I did that I had as much fun doing. I continued to ride throughout high school, and then when it was time to look for colleges, I chose Green Mountain College because they had a dorm right next to Killington.

What made you decide to move out to Tahoe? When did you make the move?

I moved out in the winter of 2012, so this is my third winter out here. I knew I wanted to snowboard here, and I have family down in the Bay Area. My dad is from California and hearing him talk about Tahoe, since that’s where he used to ski when he was my age, made me want to make the move. Plus it’s just so warm here. (laughs)

West Coast or East Coast?

I like living out in Tahoe a lot better. Obviously, I miss all my friends back at home, but the actual riding is so much better. The terrain and the parks are better, and not to mention, the riders out here are so good.

Do you like that aspect out here? The competitiveness of riding, other people pushing you?

Definitely. I’d say that watching kids ride who are better than me is one of my favorite things to do. It pushes me. I guess it really comes from being a little kid and watching older guys ride and thinking, “Damn, I want to do that.” It doesn’t really change when you get older. You see someone else do something, and it looks cool. It makes you want to do the same thing.

What’s your favorite thing about riding in Tahoe? Favorite resort?

That’s tough… I’m going to have to go with Northstar’s park and then Squaw on a powder day. I don’t know which one I like more. So this year it’s been a lot of Northstar’s park (laughs), but if you can hit Squaw on the right day… There’s been two days this year at Squaw that have just been so on point.

I know you have a reputation for cruising around in the Frank Gore jersey with your headphones in and completely ignoring anyone that is screaming your name  and trying to get your attention. Would you rather ride alone or with a group of friends?

(laughs) I love riding with crews, don’t get me wrong, especially on the lift, but I basically grew up riding by myself pretty much. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to people or anything like that, I just get in the zone and turn the music up as loud as it goes… So I can’t hear shit.

What type of music do you generally listen to? Go-to song right now?

80s beats, but my go-to song right now is the Space Jam theme song.

(Laughing) Fuck yeah! So your dad is a chef, and I know you love food. What’s your favorite places to eat in the area?

Sushi Pier in Reno, La Mex, and Peluso’s Apizza.

Rad, anyone you want to thank?

Mom, Dad, family and friends. Jeff and Timmy for pushing me on the mountain.

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