JP Lagos
Head Kook In Charge

JP hails from Northern California and is the owner of Iron fist media. His experience ranges from professional photography to designing the snowboard industries leading clients web sites. He has been snowboarding since 1994 and working around the industry since 1998.

Jason Privett
Marketing Director

Jason is another Northern Cali native who owns and runs Fokust Creative, a clothing/design company out of North Lake Tahoe. His experience ranges from designing clothing and snowboards, to magazines and books. He also does the graphics, filming, and editing for a lot of the fun that Heckler puts out into this digital world.

Jason Borgstede
Verbal Assault Specialist

Jason is an Alaskan bred shred legend turned underground Squaw local. With several medals from competitions such as the X Games he helped snowboarding grow and progress in many ways. With his samurai sword of a tongue on the microphone as an mc he brings not only priceless knowledge but a hilarious persona to every situation.

Chris Bosco
Heckler Heartthrob

Chris is a local born and bred shredder with a set of skills on and off snow to compare to the best of em. Beyond making the best burgers and drinks around the north lake he can double cork with the best of the rubber-band like kids on the snow today. He also brings industry experience ranging from a sponsored rider to a designer on many different levels.

Dave Abarta
Resident Slayer

Dave is another stylie north lake shredder out of northern Ca. He owns and runs 3L Apparel out of Truckee and has a skill set ranging from a skilled skater to a young inspiring entrepreneur. He brings knowledge from the snow and skate world that is not only comical but also serious with a great attitude.

John Foy
Video Editor/Better Snowboarder Than You

Foy shreds hard. Really hard. From video parts in Rome Snowboards films Any Means and No Correct Way, to shralping the backcountry on his sled, he kills it on multiple levels. With a personality as spicy as non-fat milk, we put Foy in front of a keyboard instead of the camera. You’re welcome, because his personality is like NyQuil and his shredding will make you quit.

Brian Neri

We’re not sure exactly what Neri does. He drops by from time to time in-between 7-11 candy runs and drinks our beer, cuts some stickers, and makes us laugh. All kidding aside, his lazy style on the hill and mad street cred makes him a valuable asset to our production team. Look for him slaying shit in our park edits, and leaving a trail of cans wherever he goes.

Libation Curation Manager

If you’ve ever been to a bar in North Lake Tahoe, there’s a good chance you know “The Sampson”. He sounds like Foghorn Leghorn on a 3 day bender, and dresses like everyday is a pack of Starbust theme party. Sampson is the Co-Owner of Heckler, and without his involvement, there’s a good chance we wouldn’t be back in business. If you see him out, make him take a shot or 6, chances are he won’t turn you down.

Austin Danforth
Video Editor

Austin is one of the nicest, most mellow dudes around. Not to be confused with “Evil Austin” who has given up the dream of Tahoe livin to become a housewife, this Austin is a longtime Tahoe loc with mad skills behind the keyboard as well as on the shred stick.

Love Alfinda
Art Curator

Love is another longtime Tahoe local who’s infectious smile is hard to miss. She is loved by everyone that knows her, and is one of the girls you can see slaying the Northstar park on the reg.

Tina Barnes
Resident Artist, Snowball Maker

AKA: t.i.N.A.! …Totally Insane gNarly Awesome. Born and raised in northern Ca, this proud mom is a jack of all trades with a plethora of experience in drawing, painting, photography, design, chatting people up and making shit happen. A Heckler satellite, Tina throws it down for Sacramento and the Bay Area. Spot her making future snowboarding addicts at Boreal where she teaches, or out on the water paddleboarding.

Steve Cyborski
Creative Conqueror

AKA: Southside…… AKA: The Steve….. a Chicago native who escaped the flatlands of the ILL and found his home in Tahoe. He may not be a pro in the snow but has been slaying the design and art scene in North Lake Tahoe for years with his biz No matter where you look in North Lake, Steve has his imprint on almost everything. His empire of creativity and experience ranges from illustration, magazine, poster, logo, web, snowboard and clothing design. Providing Heckler with a assault of his skills in design, Music news, Art articles, and film editing.

Here’s our entry into the Boreal Team Video Challenge. We got smoked in the finals, but we got our point across. Snowboarding is fun. Enjoy.

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