We were invited out a few days early to scope out the new 22 foot Shaun White Halfpipe at Northstar because we’re obviously hard hitting journalists. Well that thing is big. REAL big. 22 foot walls at an 18 degree pitch, 550 feet long. Not exactly the type of thing to take someone on for a first date. I’ve never seen a competition sized halfpipe in person before, and to say I gained some respect for the pipe jocks is an understatement. These dudes barely squeeze 5 tricks out of these things, where as my gaper-ass was easily clocking 12. The positioning of the pipe is located off Loggers Loop trail, and is nestled in the trees, which not only allows for great photo ops, but its going to help this thing keep its shape really well.

With the upcoming opening of Camp Woodward at Tahoe, it’s great to see Northstar adding to their halfpipe selection. They’ve had a great 18 footer for years, and Eric Rosenwald keeps the halfpipe at Boreal picture perfect all year, so look for a new breed of pipe slayers to be coming out of Tahoe real soon!

We brought out legendary Tahoe shred Vic Lowrance aka Sick Vic, super grom Graham Haley (only 13 years old), and our Marketing Director Jason Privett to test it out. Here are a few of the photos we snagged.



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