Year:One’ is a compilation of footage, documented over the last year by the Mt Hood Riders and Hood locals. The video signifies one full year from the birth of the project; from an idea on paper, to a breathing reality. Battling a below average winter, minimal resources, and minimal time, the drive and motivation was found, to create this inside look into Mt Hood lifestyle and culture.

Here we have one of the most recent additions to the crew, Herman Neal. Originally from New York, Herman is preparing to spend his first winter on the west coast. Herman linked up with the MHR crew in the late spring, immediately showing his ‘balls out’ talent to the lenses of MHR filmers. He very much enjoys the tight crew, those who share inspiration and continually get after it, day after day.

Be on the lookout for additional ‘Year:One’ full part releases, and the DVD release in the near future.

Thanks again for helpin out man, hope all is well down there in Cali! Lets plan some shit out for this winter! I’m sure there will be a lot more we can do for each other in the near future. Hit me up whenever brother, I’m down.

Have a good night!





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