Snowboarding isn’t just about banger tricks and over-steezing better than the next guy. We all shred because we love it, and if you’ve ever ridden at Northstar in the past few years with any frequency, then the Hey Crew is probably on your radar. The crew of non-locals can be found shredding in an endless pack of brightly dressed individuals, and crushing the après scene as well. Josh Fricke started off shooting photos of his crew made up of Mike Biggs, Zach Jacobsen, Damon Fletcher, Nick San Filippo (NSF for those in the know), Mike Meisenbach, Capt. Cook and what seems to be dozens more. They have evolved into shooting and editing videos to show how much fun they have on the daily. They represent what makes snowboarding fun. It’s what makes waking up at the ass-crack of dawn to drive 3+ hours from the bay palatable. Stoked these guys are putting out edits. Hey ALL Day!

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