The High Fives Foundation is one of the best things to happen to the snowsports industry, even moreso than neon or pabst blue ribbon. They are a Tahoe based charity that helps athletes, who have sustained life altering injuries, in their path to better health. They are also one of the only charities I know, that throw a huge event to donate money to other charities. That event is called TRAiNS. The TRAiNS event went down at Alpine Meadows this past weekend, and was one of the more entertaining competitions I have ever been to. The format is pretty cool. 45 minutes of best 540, 45 minutes of best backflip, and 45 minutes of best TRAiN. Teams are groups of 5 skiers and snowboarders, and during the “TRAiNS” portion, they machine gun features like circus performers. Pretty insane. Add to the fact that the main jump was a poppy 75 foot booter, and you’ve got yourself a show!


Johnny Lazz, beastly back 1


Toby Miller is 13 and WAY better than you are at snowboarding


Danny Toumarkine from needs a haircut…and a shower


Every snowboarders favorite skier, Omar Otte


Slow down buddy, you’re ooooozing style

‘That Guy’ was there too


The crowd seemed pretty hungry. Maybe had something to do with the date?  Roy Tuscany crushes some bbq from Full Belly Deli


Balloon dude Sean Rogers made a huge train for the event….


So I stole it and went for a joyride


Tomahawk owner, and Tahoe legend Jimbo Morgan


Katie Souza was there advertising


Johnny Lazz isn’t just a rail rider. Here he is tossing one of a couple 10’s over the massive booter


Lazz with the sick claim. He didn’t win anything




Check out the video edit Conor Toumarkine of made. It’s pretty good. You may even see a cameo spraying the crowd…



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