A few weeks ago while we were in the middle of our 6 week Skatepark Tour for Heckler, I broke away from my crew to spend a night camping in San Clemente with my good friends from the High Fives Foundation Roy Tuscany, Steve Wallace, Adam Baillagerrooon(or however you spell his incredibly complex New Hampshirian name), the Toumarkine’s from Shreddy Times, and several new friends.


Roy Tuscany & Steve Wallace from High Fives Foundation

The boys were in town to accomplish something truly remarkable. They were in town to catch some waves. The impressive thing is that the High Fives Foundation is a Lake Tahoe based charity that helps injured athletes with their road to recovery. With the vast majority of the group being paraplegic, and some, like Danny Toumarkine, overcoming near death from a brain injury, these people were in town to grip life by the balls and show the world that, although their physical capabilities may be limited, their passion for life is stronger than most.


Danny Toumarkine and Landon McGauley

Watch this video. It will hopefully make your day like it made mine. The people at the High Fives Foundation are beyond inspiring. If you don’t know of them, you should try to learn more by checking out their website, HighFivesFoundation.org. They help our people. If you have the means to do so, please make a donation to their cause. They do a ton of good for the action sports community, and we need to help keep their engine running so future athletes that get injured will have a helping hand.


Shaka Brah


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