Hip-Hop is constantly going through a changing of the guard, new MC’s stepping in as the older veterans of the game gradually (and hopefully gracefully) step out. This constant change is essential to music and hip-hop in general, as it continually breeds progression, originality, and greater competition in all aspects of production. With the plethora of new rappers out today, up-and-coming artists must create their own niche that allows them to truly stand out from the rest of the crowd. Hip-Hops new faces is all about sharing these up and coming artists, the ones currently shaking up the game and shaping this new wave of rap music we all love so much. Lets get to know them. 


ASAP Rocky

– ASAP crew. Hails from Harlem, NY. Eclectic style is a mash up of Houston, TX and his native NYC. High fashion connoisseur. Purple lean and weed aficionado. Self proclaimed “Pretty motherfucker”.  

Must Download: New mixtape LiveLoveA$AP. Available at www.datpiff.com


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