Disaster strikes once again for the musically inclined and has proven that def-mutes are now taking over the world of iTunes top 10. 

Coming in at Number 10 is the hit single from the show Glee, titled: We Are Young. To better understand why people have gotten so teen-bop-horny for this song I decided to further my education and watch the music video. After a grueling 2 minites and 35 seconds I wasted watching this I got two things out of it:

1. Kids who sing in plaid collared shirts for 2 minutes and 35 seconds while smiling the whole time just got as “high as the empire state buliding in the bathroom”.

2. Kudos to the casting director for making it a point to include all ethnicities joining together as one and not forgetting the handicaps as well. The kid in the wheel chair looks like he might be struggling with the dance routine but by-golly he’s still smiling!!



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