On April 24th Jack White released his first solo project, Blunderbuss, since the implosion of The White Stripes and his marriage. In the past Jack White most often slipped into the shadows of his band and avoided the recognition he evidently deserved. With Blunderbuss the star is him and the true talent behind The White Stripes ten year reign of Indie Blues is revealed. Like his idol, friend, and fellow disillusionist Bob Dylan, White is a polarizing artist you either love or love to hate. I have been indifferent on my feelings towards White, but Blunderbuss goes along way to revealing how great he actually is. 

He is most often characterized as a talented guitarist and while he continues to rip up the guitar riffs in Blunderbuss. The real artistry of Blunderbuss is in the array of styles, diverse compositions, and complex lyrics. Blunderbuss seems to jump from one style to another with a cohesiveness that can’t be explained. White’s traditional indie blues is fused with hippie funk, country soul, 60’s folk, rock, juke blues, psychedelic rock, and  piano pop. His songwriting on Blunderbuss reaches far beyond anything released by The White Stripes. Offering a lil something for everyone to a kick in the face to an intimate mess of love, loss, and life. Even taking a punch at himself and his former band mate Meg White, who he took his last name from, in “Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy” he sings “I’ll be using your name/ you got nuthin’ to do/ I’ll be laughing at you/ you’ll be watchin me girl, taking over the world/ let the stripes unfurl/ gettin’ rich singing poor boy.” Which is hilarious because without Jack, Meg “brings nothing to the table” as we say at Heckler.

Blunderbuss is a grand solo debut for a artist most often standing in the shadows and goes beyond anything The White Stripes released…..Yes, I just said that. It also continues 2012’s dominance of modern rock blues in a industry which has been flooded with poppy crap over the past years, Black Key’s El Camino, Heartless Bastard’s Arrow, and now Jack White’s Blunderbuss reveal hope of a musical revolution and should all be nominated for album of the year.


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